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Book Review: Somewhere in a Song, by Kavya Janani U

If there is one thing I love as much as books, it is music. Listening to songs is cathartic too. Though the title played a part in my choice, it was the primary character’s obsession with one song that made me want to read the story.

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Book Review: Ragnarok, by Siddhesh Govind Kabe

Science fiction is not one of my favorite genres to read. I’ve tried, but it hasn’t quite gelled with me for some reason. Maybe it’s the concept of science and theories and such to add on to the fiction that feels that way, after all, I mostly read to get away from theory. However, some fictions in the genre do feel interesting, and manage to engage me as a reader. I took up the book mainly because it was a personal request from the author, but the novel surprisingly did have elements that felt interesting, given I’m a sci-fi non-reader.

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Book Review: The Time Machine, by H G Wells

How often have I wished there was a time machine, to either go back to the past and change some things, even though it would change the present and the future, or to travel into the future and see the world that lies ahead for me. The notion of time travel has always been intriguing, to say the least, pushed on by science fictions and also, to an extent, cartoons. This book is, perhaps, one of, if not the most popular of science fiction novels that explore that notion of time travel. To dive into this book was to travel with the Time Traveler far into the future, 800000 years on, to see how the world has changed and if it is for the better. Continue reading “Book Review: The Time Machine, by H G Wells”

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Book Review: The Swords of Darkness – Appearance of the Krito, by Swarnim Kalbande

It’s always wonderful to see the passion for writing fiction being developed from a young age, and also to see that passion being transformed into books. Fantasy seems to be the genre that comes up more often than not, and that’s most likely the influence of reading books like Harry Potter. Anusha Subramanian was the first young author I read, and whose writing I loved. I came across another talented youngster through the review of this book given by a friend, and the young author was kind enough to give me a copy of his debut work for review. So let me start off by saying thanks and congratulations on the debut in the world of books.

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