Book Review: The Endgame, by Jeffrey Archer

This is another short read that I found on Kindle. It takes around fifteen minutes to read it, that’s all.

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Book Review: No Room at the Inn, by Jeffrey Archer

There are these 10-minute reads that are becoming popular on Kindle these days. I find them perfect when I need to read something to refocus before a longer read. I was happy to see Jeffrey Archer among the authors of such 10-minute reads.

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Book Review: Unlikely Tails, by Mani Padma

Short story collections are wonderful to read because there are different stories, different characters, different settings, all coming together in one book. It can also be read slowly, a couple of stories at a time, not really tempting to read the whole book because each story needn’t be related to each other.

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Book Review: Tit for Tat, by Archana Sarat

They say a well told story doesn’t have to be very long. So many writers love writing short stories. This book takes the stories a notch further. These are flash fiction. Would they still be “thrilling”? I’ve read the author’s work before, and knew the genre would definitely play to her strengths.

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Book Review: Two Magicians, by Satyajit Ray

I’m reading quite a few short books of late. In a way, it is wonderful. I am able to see that it is not the length of the story that makes quality reading. I’ve not read much of Satyajit Ray’s works, so when I saw this book among the ten-minute reads option, I had no hesitation to pick it up.

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Book Review: Seven Must Read Nature Stories, by Ruskin Bond

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about some eBooks being there now which you can read in ten or fifteen minutes at most. It was nice to see a couple of books from Ruskin Bond in that list too. I have always admired the writing of Ruskin Bond. It’s simple writing that anyone can follow and enjoy reading.

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