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Book Review: When Life Turns Turtle, by Raj Supe

A title that most, if not all of us will understand is definitely something that works in the favor of a book. A beautiful and quite soothing cover art adds to that. Raj Supe’s novel appealed to me firstly for these reasons, and that was why I picked it up, though the genre had made me a bit hesitant at first.

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Book Review: I am Life, by Shraddha Soni

The thing about books is that it can remind you of so many things. One of the things it can remind you of is another book. The genre of spiritual fiction is largely unexplored in Indian writing. One of the exceptions I have seen is Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. In a similar vein, Indian writing has a new author. With this book “I am Life”, she takes her first bow in the literary world, and her name is Shraddha Soni. Continue reading “Book Review: I am Life, by Shraddha Soni”

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Book Review: What God Said, by Neale Donald Walsch

Non-fiction isn’t my cup of tea, as many of my readers and friends know. Non-fiction spirituality is even more out of my comfort zone than the genre in general, but this book came to me as a surprise (or shock). From an author who has written a lot of books, and a Conversations with God series, this book is set to explore the messages from those nine conversations in a simpler way. Continue reading “Book Review: What God Said, by Neale Donald Walsch”

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Book Review: Living Courageously, by Lipa Rath

About the author:
Lipa Rath is a certified spiritual counselor, an angel therapist and a writer. She has worked extensively in the area of personal growth. She feels that teaching about the truth is child’s play compared to living those teachings “in the cold light of the day”. This is her first book.

Cover art:
The cover is very pleasing to the eye, and one of my favorite shades of green. I don’t know why the choice of the cover, but I felt it might be something like “seeing the light” or something like that. Continue reading “Book Review: Living Courageously, by Lipa Rath”