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Book Review: Obsession, by Various Authors

“Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity, because with an obsession, you keep coming back and back and back to the same question, and you never get an answer.” – Norman Mailer

And yet, that’s what most of us tend to do. We obsess about some things and continue to do so, at times without even realizing it. The thing might be something that’s deep or something that’s frivolous, but it means something to us, or we think it means something to us, so we do it, we look for it, we hold on to it, we obsess about it. Frankly, we’re sometimes obsessed about obsession; though when it came to this book, it was more the cover page than the title that intrigued me. It showed loneliness, and that to me is one aspect of life, which is central to the book. Continue reading “Book Review: Obsession, by Various Authors”