Book Review: The Vengeance of Indra, by Shatrujeet Nath

There are some series that are much anticipated for a reader. For me, one such series is the Vikramaditya Veergatha series by Shatrujeet Nath. The previous book surpassed my expectations from the first book in the series. I was hoping that The Vengeance of Indra, the third book, would be even better.

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Book Review: The Conspiracy at Meru, by Shatrujeet Nath

When it comes to sequels, the book has to be just as amazing as the previous book in the series, if not better. I’ve awaited this book, The Conspiracy at Meru, ever since I finished reading the first book, The Guardians of the Halahala. The author, thankfully, had the patience to withstand my constant enquiry on the release date of this book. Two years after I reviewed the first, I finally put my thoughts to words on this sequel.

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Book Review: The Guardians of the Halahala, by Shatrujeet Nath

Mythology is a genre I’ve grown up reading, and hearing, thanks in no small part to my grandmother. The tales of monarchs & avatars, and devas & asuras are still vivid in my mind. Two tales that have managed to keep me engrossed as well as make me thoughtful are that of the Samudramanthan, churning of the ocean by devas and asuras for the nectar of immortality, Amrit; and the tales of Vikram-Betaal. I’ve wondered how the former brought out even divine beings like the winged horse, Ucchaishrava or the white elephant Airavata; and the latter of course, made me contemplate the answers to Betaal’s questions before Vikrama answered them. It was with much eagerness that I stepped into a tale woven combining the two events — The Guardians of the Halahala, by Shatrujeet Nath.

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