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Book Review: The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

You can’t help but be riveted by a read that’s fictional yet quite closely rooted in reality. This book talks on the Black Lives Matter movement. I didn’t know what that was so it was good to learn about it. But focusing on the fictional story, it’s the story of a black teenager Starr, how her life is affected by one event, the shooting of her friend Khalil by a white cop, which she witnessed.

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Book Review: A Sip of Love & A Sip of Coffee, by Ganga Bharani

When I look back in time through my memories and revisit my school days, I remember the friendships, the fun, the laughter, and yes, the first crush. When we are busy looking at forging friendships that we feel would last a lifetime, the concept of ‘love’ seems so far away. The ‘crush’ though happens on its own. It might be the shy girl who sits silently and reads her books, not talking with the others, the introvert just like you. It was for me. Ganga Bharani, through her third book, ‘A sip of Love and A sip of Coffee’ manages to take me back in time to those days as well, through its plot, its setting and of course, its two main characters – Avanthika and Gautham.

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Book Review: When Our Worlds Collide, by Aniesha Brahma

“When Our Worlds Collide”… the title, plus the cover design would usually lead me to think that this is one of those romance novels that go the expected route. But the book, without a doubt, surprised me. “We will assure you by the end of this very different tale that it’s not always about the happy ending.” That was what the preface said, but the happily ever after does happen for the characters, just not in the way I expected after reading the title or looking at the cover.

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Book Review: When She Smiled, by Ritoban Chakrabarti

There are some books where the story takes a long time to get moving; then it gets interesting and then zooms toward the end. Even some of my favorite authors, who have been writing for years and are truly bestsellers, some of their books are like that. Another book that falls into this category is this one, When She Smiled, by Ritoban Chakrabarti. Continue reading “Book Review: When She Smiled, by Ritoban Chakrabarti”