The Tales Pensieve


Indian literature has some wonderful books to savor. The Tales Pensieve is a website that aims to bring the world of Indian reads into the spotlight. As of 2016, I’m part of their group of reviewers, and will contribute to their reviews depending on which book I find interesting. You can check out my reviews and reviews of other books by the other reviewers there, especially if you are a fan of Indian Literature and Indian Writing in English (IWE).

The Tales Pensieve Website

My Reviews @ The Tales Pensieve

The reviews there are of these books:

Year 2017 (Total: 02 Books)

Mar 2017

  1. The Heavens We Chase. Author: Lavanya Shanbhogue-Arvind.
  2. Mock, Stalk and Quarrel. Editor: Indrani Ganguly.

Year 2016 (Total: 06 Books)

Sep 2016

  1. Saanvri. Author: Vinod Paande.
  2. Panorama. Author: Shilpi Chaklanobis.

Jul 2016

  1. The Tantric Curse. Author: Anupama Garg.
  2. Doppelganger Stories. Author: Madhavi S Mahadevan.
  3. Crimson Abstracts. Author: Phani Kondeti.
  4. The Faceless Saldirgan. Author: Sahil Loomba.