The Bookworm

I started reading stories and novels in fourth grade, when my teacher, bookworm that she was too, started a small class library to help inculcate the habit of reading in her students. While it didn’t make a big impact on some of my friends, it marked the beginning of my love for reading. And I’ve not stopped since.

I find it a welcome escape to dive into the book, into its words and into its worlds, away from reality for a while. That is, to me, as therapeutic as writing.

This space, which I started in 2013, doesn’t perhaps have my “reviews” per say, but they are thoughts on the book after I’ve read. I find that a review is helpful to the author and a possible reader when it is simply expressed, talks about what I loved and what I didn’t love, and of course, the characters and if or not the book kept me engaged. So that’s what I’ve put across. I’ve tried changing styles, but I find this is the best I am.

Hope my thoughts on a book help you to decide if the book is worth exploring or not. Happy reading!

Vinay Leo R.

The Bookworm.