We Only Talk Books

When three bookworms connect not just because they love reading books, but also loved reading similar books, the conversation flows. It flowed when Pratsie (of A Lot of Pages blog) and I met more than a decade back. I have even reviewed books at ALOP between 2012 and 2017. I first met DDS (of Bookish Indulgences blog) in 2013 and over lots of chats, lunches, visits to bookstores, and literature festivals, we realized we actually loved reading the same kind of books. We had the same favorite authors, loved crime fiction and were hardcore Potterheads.

The three of us over the years have talked about books on every platform possible (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, blogs) and more often than not, those have led to recommendations. That connect over books and reading have brought us now to this podcast “We Only Talk Books”. And yes, true to our conversations, and our title, our talks are about the books we have loved reading, what we feel about genres, what we want to read together etc. Hope you enjoy!

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