Fiction-NonFiction Challenge 2021 #FNFReads2021 with @VinayLeoReads

Welcome to the Fiction/NonFiction 2021 challenge (#FNFReads2021 with @VinayLeoReads). I hosted a similar challenge in 2020. I’m thankful to every reader who participated in the challenge. Over the past week, many of the bookworms I know have requested me to restart the challenge for 2021 as well. So, with much joy, I present the R&R for the challenge.

How does this work?

The challenge starts at 12am IST on January 1st 2021, and ends at 12pm IST on December 31st 2021.

Below are twenty categories (or prompts, if you want to call them that). The challenge, as like last time, is to read 10 fiction and 10 non fiction books that fit a category! I’ve kept some categories from last time as well.

  • You can choose to read a fiction and a non fiction for the same category if you want, but not more than one fiction and one non-fiction for any category.
  • You can read one book each prompt and do all the twenty categories too. Up to you! I only ask that the books be over 100 pages.
  • You can read 2 each month and finish at the end of the year, or read 1 each week and finish by May. That’s totally your call. (Even 1 per day is okay, but that’ll be some feat!)
  • After you read a book for the challenge, you can opt to CLICK HERE and let me know through this form that you have. This is still informal, by the way. I’m not likely to be behind you saying “You’ve not read! You’ve not read!” (It might happen though! No promises)
  • If you review a book you’ve read for this challenge on your blog, Goodreads or Instagram, you can also feel free to come to this page and comment. I’ll come read it for sure. And maybe, just maybe, others might too.

The categories are:

  1. A crime fiction / true crime book
  2. A book with a flower on the cover
  3. A book originally published in the 2000s
  4. A book translated into English from another language
  5. A book with a mostly blue color cover
  6. A book with a verb in the title (run, eat, kill, shoot, kiss etc.)
  7. A children’s book
  8. A book written by an African author (not necessarily set in Africa)
  9. A book with a body of water on the cover art
  10. A book about Mental Health
  11. A wartime book
  12. A book by a female author
  13. A book related to food or having a food item on the cover/title
  14. A book that is part of a series of 4 or more books
  15. A book with a main character whose name begins with S
  16. A book from an author you chose for another category in this challenge
  17. A book gifted to you by a family member
  18. A book by an author you have met in real life
  19. A book related to nature
  20. A book previously reviewed on this blog by me

That’s it! Happy reading. Thanks for taking part in the Challenge! Even if you attempt the challenge and read only a few books, I’d be happy that you took part!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any doubts to clarify too.